Introducing Our Flat Fee Rental Package

Are you a landlord who prefers to manage the rental process yourself but still wants the exposure and marketing advantages of listing with a REALTOR? Our Flat Fee Rental Package is designed just for you. For an upfront fee of $390 plus optional tenant agent fees, you can get your rental property listed on the MLS, accessing the same marketing tools used by professional REALTORs.

Key Features of the Package

  • 12 Photos on MLS: Showcase your rental property with 12 photos on the local North Carolina Regional MLS, providing potential tenants with a comprehensive view of your home.

  • Listing on Major Real Estate Websites: Your property will also appear on major real estate websites such as Google, Trulia, Zillow, and more, as well as local agent and national brand sites like and

  • Quality Yard Sign: A quality yard sign will attract the attention of passersby, increasing visibility for your rental property.

  • Printable Flyers: Access colorful flyers perfect for distributing to potential tenants or placing in a brochure box.

  • Option to Find Your Own Tenant: You have the option to find your own tenant and avoid tenant agent fees when the tenant is not procured or represented by any participating real estate agent.

  • Your Choice of Tenant's Agent Commission: Set the optional commission rate offered to tenant agents at the time of listing, providing flexibility in attracting agents to show your rental property.

  • 6-Month Term: Your property will remain listed on the MLS for a full 6 months, allowing ample time to find the right tenant.

How It Works

Our Flat Fee Rental Package leverages the power of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a cooperative marketing system that allows professional REALTORs to share information about real estate for sale. With access to the MLS, your rental property gains exposure to a greater pool of prospects, including those who utilize real estate agents.

What Is MLS?

The MLS is the most powerful marketing tool for homeowners and landlords, providing unparalleled exposure for properties listed with REALTORs. It feeds data to various real estate websites, including, ensuring maximum visibility for your rental property.

Start Maximizing Your Rental Income Today

If you're ready to save money while still accessing the marketing power of listing with a REALTOR, contact to learn more about our Flat Fee Rental Package. With our assistance, you can attract the right tenants and maximize your rental income efficiently and cost-effectively.




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